Consultant Advocate Program | EG Life Sciences

We don’t just work with you,we also work for you.

Our Consultant Advocate Program was built to provide our consultants with the greatest level of support, care, and attention possible. Each consultant will have their recruiter as a resource, but also another dedicated resource in their Consultant Advocate, who will be able to assist with anything from documentation to payroll and benefits.

Our consultant advocate team is highly experienced and able to handle any issues that arise on a day-to-day basis and super responsive to your needs. We’re committed to a same-day turnaround as we completely respect and understand the need for being responsive when it comes to any work-related issues that may arise.

We Are Committed

We’re committed to ensuring your experience while working with EG Life Sciences is a great one and leads to the establishment of a trusting, long-standing relationship that will be mutually beneficial and support our purpose of positively impacting the lives of our consultants, clients, and employees!

First Point of Contact

Laura Cataldo