Remediation Case Studies


Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Expertise Leads to Study Publications

Publishing HEOR research has the dual effect of informing the population on the effectiveness of their healthcare and establishing credibility for our pharmaceutical clients. Clients will often seek to collaborate with a professional society on research in order to amplify these two goals.

When our client decided to pursue a collaboration with the American Urology Association (AUA), they approached EG Life Sciences HEOR team to help support this endeavor. Using administrative claims and electronic medical record databases, we were able to provide timely, accurate, and valuable insights that helped establish a relationship with the American Urology Association.

This was a fruitful collaboration that yielded five conference presentations, one paper, and a promotion for the study statistician. Our group was lauded by our client who indicated the invaluable contributions of our team to the series of complex studies conducted with the AUA.

Problem Identification

Establish a collaborative research program that both promotes the public welfare and gives credibility to our clients.

Nature and Scope of Challenge


Provide credible and valuable analysis of real world data sources to help our client succeed in their collaboration with the AUA.

Problem Resolution

  •  Our due diligence and data source experience helped solidify the valuable collaboration between our client and the AUA.
  •  We helped complete a number of studies that were able to be shared with the public and lent more credibility to our client.

Value Proposition


We demonstrated our ability to disseminate the reliability of our analyses to professional societies as well as to our clients.