Remediation Case Studies


HEOR Expertise Moves a Stalled Project to Completion

The expertise required for Health Economic and Outcomes Research (HEOR) studies ranges from the roles of a programmer, an analyst, a statistician, and a researcher. Given the large size of the data and the complexity of the study designs, it can be difficult to consolidate these roles in order to effectively complete the project. One such study had been stalled for more than a year when it was presented to EG Life Sciences team.

Two programmers had been working on this request as well as the client statistician. The SAP had been changed multiple times, which, along with other obligations of the client statistician, contributed to the delay. However, the fi nal bottleneck was due to the statistical modeling. The study involved pulling data from a database of ~75 million lives, two medications, two different diseases, three population groups, and over 30 outcomes of interest requiring both parametric and non-parametric modeling.

EG Life Sciences held a series of meetings with the client statistician during which we shared descriptive statistics and distributions of each outcome variable to inform the modeling strategy. Our team offered a variety of approaches to the statistician and a decision was made as to how to model the different outcome variables which allowed this stalled project to move forward.

By combining our programming, analytical, and statistical resources we helped bring a long standing project to a close so that our client could move forward with their research and publication objectives.

Problem Identification

A complex research project was stalled due to SAP changes, statistician obligations, and a dearth of statistical modeling expertise

Nature and Scope of Challenge

  •  Large database with multiple sub-groups and outcome variables required a consolidated modeling approach.
  •  Client statistician was not available to provide modeling suggestions due to other obligations.

Problem Resolution

  •  Brought on the correct resources to manage the data and provide modeling knowledge.
  •  Presented appropriate modeling options to the client statistician to preserve ownership over the solution.
  •  After having been stalled for one year, EG Life Sciences assisted the client in completing the project within 5 weeks of being presented with the problem.

Value Proposition


By proactively offering a variety of modeling solutions, we were able to quickly come to a decision, with input from our client stakeholders, that allowed a long-stalled project to be completed.